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Sveti Arhangeli church in Kastoria (early XIII century) Medieval Bulgarian Royal Costume

Sveti Arhangeli church in Kastoria (early XIII century)

Medieval Bulgarian Royal Costume

The church is located in present-day Greece. Built 9-10c., Are preserved scenic sections of the 13 and 14th century. The outside facade depicts Bulgarian tsar Michael Asen II (1246 - 1256) The son of Ivan Asen II, and his mother Irina Komnina standing on both sides of the Archangel Michael. The clothing is forlas as royal insignia is not presented.

You can see the original paintings here 

The Tsar's Costume: Michael Asen

Cloak is orange with a small collar with hemmed edge . The inside has a colorful lining. Sleeve is very short (or even gone, and the cloth is with one shoulder ), and in the end has a gold- stripe decoration. The tunic is very beautiful, all decorated with circles of eagles in them with a broad geometric decoration of the biceps and a narrower wrist , most likely on the neck ( there are not very visible ) . Generally similar garment Kaloyan the mural in the Boyana Church. Unfortunately can not see the decoration and studded belt or shoes.

King Michael Asen costume scheme:

The Trstitsa's Costume: Irina Comnina 

Elements of the costume : - the right dress colorful fabric. Patterns can be discerned well, but it appears that they are entered in and around the circles. It is possible to repeat those in the garment of Michael Asen . Gap in the door there , the sleeves are narrow , so there is probably at the wrist fastening. - Rugs broad-band decoration edge fastening is not visible. And that of Desislava, probably Byzantine type semicircle . - Complex headdress . As far as can be seen from the image of the hair is tangled Irene of two yarns , which in turn is wrapped around the head and are secured to the bead coronet . Top wrapped a long cloth which end goes under the chin . In the middle of the cloth , a crown , adorned traverse line. The cloth is secured by a second or tiara with gold- kilt , difficult to judge , and fastened on her big ear .

Queen Irina Comnina Costume scheme: 

Illustration of Royal Portrait with several assumptions about the structure of veiling .

Reconstruction of Queens headdress

Composed of the following elements: - two pearl strings without solid foundation, tied at the back - very thin, long silk cloth embroidered in the middle - Hand woven ribbon sewn with engraved brass plates and glass beads that holds the towel - brass ear attached tape with tinsel thread. Their gravity pulls the tape down and interfere with other elements to be moved.

Reconstruction of a headdress made ​​of Gergana Mihailova, photos Alexander Minchev.

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