вторник, 14 януари 2014 г.

Roman Costumes

Recently I was working on very interesting project connected to restoration and renovation of very valuable Roman monument on the territory of Bulgaria. My task was to prepare appropriate Roman costumes for some people of the staff who will meet and greet the guests.

This time I was not working on my favorite Middle ages but I had great time be involved in these glories times of Ancient Rome. Into Era that left great culture and spectacular monuments all over the Old world, including my homeland Bulgaria.

I was inspired by Pompeii frescoes which amaze with color and richness of detail. I hope I managed to transfer the atmosphere of ancient city into my costumes and those who wear it will feel its influence.

Pompeii Frescoes

The deadline was really short and I was in a big hurry, but I managed to prepare the patterns, cut and sew wide range of outerwear, both, for men and women, too. The costumes were delivered in time and I hope they will contribute to better experience of visitors. As far as I know the place will be opened soon and I will post additional info about it here. 

More of my Roman costumes you can see here http://badamba.info/workshop/roman_clothes.html

My Roman Costume Replicas