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Kalina Atanasova on the trail of the medieval Bulgarian costume

Radio Bulgaria interview with Kalina Atanasova by Albena Berezovska 

+Kalina Badamba Atanasova +Bulgarian Medieval Costume

Kalina defines herself as a designer by profession, an artist by training, an illustrator at heart. To this you should add her passion in Bulgarian history and traditions. The restorations of antique clothing is her main hobby. She works in this area from approximately ten years. Her attention is mainly focused on medieval costume of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom. She graduated from the Fine Arts University of Veliko Tarnovo in the class of Prof. Bumov. Lives in Varna, where her idea has attracted a wide range of followers.

"The idea came to me in 2004 - 2005 years - says Kalina. - At that time I started to deal with Bulgarian historical reenactments. Together with five friends we founded in Varna club where we met people united by their genuine interest in the culture and lifestyle of our past."

The first elements of medieval clothing that Kalina worked on were  metal armors, military costumes and accessories. She restored the original appearance of the armor . In her recent publications can see drawings of male and female shirts, outerwear , shoes, cloaks. She is also doing her studies on medieval underwear, weapons , jewelry.

"There are pieces of clothing that are required for certain rites, rituals, magical practices. Knowing traditional culture, makes it easier to collect information "

See and hear the complete interview here

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